Whether you’re traveling on a plane, bus or car, you’re bound to experience dry skin in one form or another. The low-humidity and recycled air in these spaces make your skin patchy and leathery. Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated and plump:

Do your homework the night before: Avoid drinking alcohol in the evening as it will dehydrate your system. Drink plenty of water and use a sugar scrub or mask a few hours before bed. You want to prep your skin in advance for this trip.

Use a heavier night moisturizer during flight: These types of moisturizers repair and restore your skin with a heavier dose of oils which are designed to penetrate the skin layers over the course of a few hours.

Stay away from alcohol on the plane: Unless you’re traveling with your bachelor(ette) party you really don’t need it.

Bring a rose water or alcohol-free witch hazel spray: Set an alarm and spray your face every hour to maintain hydration (fine to spray over makeup as well).

If possible, avoid wearing makeup during flight: I know this might feel hard, especially if you’re trying to look cute for that potentially hot seat-mate. If you’re comfortable, avoid heavy foundations and opt for a powder instead.

Drink 1-2 cups of water every hour: If you can get your hands on coconut water even better. It’s packed with more electrolytes than sports drinks. You can also use ice cubes under your eyes to de-puff.

Take vitamin C: Fill your water bottle with an Emergen-C packet or an immune-boosting formula. Traveling puts your body through a lot of stress especially as you lose sleep and change air pressure.

Eat your water: Cucumber, celery, radishes, spinach, baby carrots, strawberries and watermelon are very high in water content.

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